Multipurpose wood pellet and wood chips.

The wood pellet produced by wood pellet mill has the advantages of economy, low cost, high calorific value, cleanness, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving. More importantly, there is no pollution to the environment, burning smokeless and tasteless. Wood pellet not only can replace conventional fossil energy the environmental quality of the fuel, but also it has many other uses, such as can be used as fertilizers, loose soil, increase soil organic matter.

Wood chips not only can be used as fertilizers for growing flowers, but also can make the soil loose, breathable condition to improve the soil; for a long time, wood will rot, can increase soil organic matter. Pure wood sawdust can be added to the flower soil in a small amount to increase breathability.

Using wood pellet mill can make wood particles better and provide better soil for the plants. In addition to the preparation of activated carbon, wood powder, wood plate, also can produce alcohol, feed yeast or as a medium of letinous edodes and so on. Recently, sawdust has new uses. Sawdust can be mixed with white mud to make noise proof bricks for the construction industry. The light brick has the advantages of simple process, low cost and good market, and the general township enterprise can organize production. Wood crusher manufacturing process: sawdust after screening, remove wood blocks, stones, cones and other impurities, according to a certain proportion of mixed with white mud, water modulation, and then stir in the spiral mixer evenly, into the machine molding. Wet molding after slightly dry after loading kiln “. In the process of firing, the sawdust burns and releases heat, leaving holes in the white mud bricks, which are called light bricks. In the building, can be laid on the ceiling between the sawdust and the double glazing, cold insulation.

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