What should you do when you buy a new wood pellet mill ?

What problems should users pay attention to when they get the new wood pellet mill ? Henan RICHi Husbandry Machinery remind you to pay attention to the following points:

1,The new pellet mill should not add too much raw material.

2,Smoothing and cooling processes. The ring molding roller of the wood pellet mill is responsible for extruding wood chips and other materials into the inner hole of the mold, and pushing the reverse material to the front, The roller of the wood pellet machine influences the molding of the pellet directly. When the wood pellet mill runs normally, the working temperature of the pellet mill and the roller is very high, we need to do is to supply oil in time and ensure the lubrication between the parts of the pellet mill reasonably. The effective heat dissipation measures can prolong the service life of the wood pellet mill.

3,Grinding of wood pellet mill. The new wood pellet machine has only undergone simple debugging, it also need a break in period, this is very important. Because of the ring molding roller of the pellet mill is a heat treatment piece, when the heat treatment process, there are some burrs in the inner hole of the ring die. These burrs will hinder the flow and molding of the material in the operation of the pellet mill. Therefore, users should strictly follow the instructions in the wood particle machine operation manual for reasonable grinding.

In general, the new wood pellet machine needs more maintenance. Machine working strength of wood pellets, the load capacity is relatively high, the user needs the tracking and monitoring in the whole production process, such as current, voltage, noise, dust, particles, on the face after failure of sawdust wood pellet machine can be we have problems or fast consumable timely replacement, to ensure the service life of wood pellet machine.

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